Monday, March 17, 2008


Hello, friends! Just a quickie note...I've been having some trouble with my internet connection, and now I will be out of town and sans computer for a week! When I get back, I will have a list of the best books of the past year, so check in! Meanwhile, Happy St. Paddy's!

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Shelley Rosas, B.A., M.Ed. said...

Dear Esme, I read an article you wrote for Reader's Digest in about 1985 about your experience as a new teacher. That article prompted me, then a high school senior, to think about becoming a teacher... And I did! I, too, love books, and found them both mentors and teachers, refuge and new roads. I have followed you silently ever since. Now, I have my M.Ed. and 5 kids of my own... thanks for being a part of my journey. I launched my personal blog today. And, you were part of the inspiration. Can't wait to see your 2007 best list. Maybe someday I will see you in person! Hugs to you, Shelley.


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