Tuesday, March 13, 2007


LITTLE FUR by Isobelle Carmody (Random House)
Little Fur, a half-elf, half-troll, lives within the safety of a circle of seven ancient trees, a sacred grove in the center of a sprawling city. Hundreds of creatures call this place home, and the spirits of the trees cloud the minds of all who would put an end to their world. But word has it that a group of humans are burning trees, and someone must go and find out whether this is the truth...and stop them, if it is so. Little Fur's feet have never left the flow of earth magic, her body has never disconnected from the nature's touch for fear she might lose the communicative bond with the trees and her magic altogether. But when duty calls, she finds the wherewithall to venture out into the uncertain streets, with the aid of a cyncial crow and a few unreliable cats. This adventure is impressive in the spell it manages to cast; we really care about this odd little creature, and feel her vulnerability as she tries to complete her quest. The author's own illustrations decorate the pages, dear and unpretentious as our heroine. The brown, soft velveteen cover is more than attractive packaging, it is a perfect binding to this unique environmental quest. It's no easy feat to find strong fantasy for younger readers, and this cliffhanging read-aloud and imaginative play fodder fills the bill. Fans will find its sequel in LITTLE FUR: A FOX CALLED SORROW. 8 and up.

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You know, LITTLE FUR isn't the first to be clad in the good stuff: check out Margaret Wise Brown's oldie but goodie, LITTLE FUR FAMILY, illustrated by Garth Williams (of CHARLOTTE'S WEB fame), and Margot Lundell's FURRY BEDTIME BOOK: LOVEY BEAR'S STORY, illustrated by David McPhail. Isn't it nice to find books to cuddle! Now if someone would only invent a toddler book that could be eaten, we'd be all set.

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Anonymous said...

Hey my good friend Esme!
Love the fact that Isobelle's LITTLE FUR made it into your blog. It is a beautiful book, and not just for the packaging either! I would love to know where I can get ahole of '17 things....' I am sure my first graders would love it!
Stay in touch when you can,
Tessa xo
(yoru friend from melbourne, Australia, who sends you stuff on a whim). :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Madame Esme! I just wanted to leave a comment and tell you how much I enjoyed your book Educating Esme. I am an avid reader and hope to help my students discover the joy that reading has given me. I finished the book in one day because I just couldn't put it down! I appreciate you writing the book, it is an inspiration to me and has made me even more excited to begin teaching! Your book not only helped to alleviate some of the fears and anxiety that I have about my first year, but gave me some great ideas to use in my classroom to encourage reading. Thank you for sharing your first year experiences with a nervous soon to be teacher!
Mandi Bailey
Gulf Breeze, Florida


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