Thursday, September 07, 2006


THE EXTINCT FILES: MY SCIENCE PROJECT by Wallace Edwards (Kids Can Press)
Good scientific inquiry starts with a hypothesis, and Wally has one as earth-shaking as a T-Rex! Wally believes that dinosaurs are not extinct, but rather, in disguise, hamming it up all around town...and Wally has the photos to prove it! Read Wally's observations (before the dinsoaurs eat his homework) and draw your own conclusions. This crazy mix of fantasy and school assignment is dressed up with saucy illustrations reminsicent of Mark Teague and maybe early Hudson Talbott. Be aware that part of the appeal for younger readers when it comes to dinosaurs is that they are extinct (and therefore not scary), but this is a dandy pick for high-energy dudes who have been around the block, or as a spirited springboard into science. With lots of angles for appeal, this title will not be extinct anytime soon! (7 and up)

On a personal note:
What are you reading aloud these days? Teachers, what are you excited to share with your class? You ideas help our ideas...

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Anonymous said...

I am student teaching in a 4/5th multi-age classroom and I have just started reading "Time Stops for No Mouse: A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure" by Michael Hoeye. It's a perfect read aloud because just about every chapter ends on an almost cliff-hanger note --- always leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next. Each time I end my reading for the day, there are shouts of "NO! Keep reading!" I love it!!!!!! And, so do the students.

Anonymous said...

I am reading "Petey" aloud to my students. It is by Ben Mikaelsen! The kids LOVE it! It has spawned so much discussion! They do not want me to stop!

We've also read "Mr. Chickee's Funny Money" (Christopher Paul Curtis) this year! The kids really enjoyed that one as well.

Anonymous said...

We read a variety of books (mixed age class of 9-12 year olds), this year we've read classics like Redwall and the BFG, and newer stories like Al Capone Does My Shirts and The Conch Bearer. They like old and new equally, I think it's important to show them the older books are still great fun to read even though they may not be what is being promoted at their local bookstore.

Anonymous said...

Our students in grades 3-6 are currently enjoying reading the nominees for our 2007 Texas Bluebonnet Award. You can find the list at

A current favorite is the exciting futuristic adventure novel _Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083_ by Andrea White.

Marcia Garman Zorn
Library Media Specialist
Shady Oaks Elementary School
Hurst, Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Esme,
I just finished reviewing The EXtinct files for SLJ. I love your review and glad I didn't read it before I wrote mine (the anxiety of influence!). Nice work.

Code Name: Ms. P.


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