Wednesday, September 20, 2006


DIVING TO A DEEP-SEA VOLCANO by Kenneth Mallory (Houghton Mifflin)
We probably know less about the bottom of the ocean than the surface of the moon, but this book is a trip ticket into a research submarine traveling a murky mile below the surface, where no light can reach...but when the lights do go on, they reveal a colorful and dynamic "underwater universe." This book joins pioneer marine biologist Rich Lutz as he explores what we know about the mid-ocean ridge, where most volcanic activity on earth occurs, and where creatures withstand poisonous hydrothermal vent fluids and thrive under water pressure so intense that it would crush an army tank. Unrelenting detail, surreal, full-color photos, sidelines, websites, a complete glossary, and language that never talks down to the young enthusiast make this a markedly excellent addition to the already important SCIENTISTS IN THE FIELD series, allowing readers to vicariously accompany renowned scientists as they do their work. These books put science in an exciting real-world context and are sure to ignite interest. (9 and up)

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