Thursday, May 01, 2008


KEEPERS: TREASURE HUNT POEMS by John Frank, illustrated by Ken Robbins (Roaring Brook)
Prizes abound in these pages that celebrate the thrill of the hunt: The joys of flea market finds, flotsam and jetsam, rainy-day attic discoveries, and the rare treasures hiding in camouflage in woods, deserts, and under the ground. Beauty and discovery are the rewards reaped by readers who meet the challenge of keeping their eyes wide, experiencing everyday objects in new and thoughtful ways through a contemplative combination of words and pictures. Fans of the increasingly popular SPOT 7 series and the work of Walter Wick will appreciate the brilliantly saturated close-up photographs that feature most of the subjects of the verse (Abalone Shell: "Rocking/in the current's swirl.../a melted rainbow/cupped in pearl"). The reader feels like they are also discovering a new treasure with every turn of the page. The best find of all is the concept; children will be inspired to use a digital camera and thoughtful words to transform everyday bric-a-brac into something special. Literary garage sale, anyone? (7 and up)

Also of interest:
More fun for hoarders!
CORK AND FUZZ: THE COLLECTORS by Dori Chaconas, illustrated by Lisa McCue (Viking) "Cork was a short muskrat. He collected shiny stones. Fuzz was a tall possum. He collected shiny stones, empty lunch bags, bottle caps, pinecones, long sticks, gum wrappers, food, and more food. Two collectors. Two best friends." When Fuzz adds a feather to his horde, a Mama duck decides to add him to to her bevy of babies. It will take some pretty savvy problem solving to get Fuzz out of this fix! This droll and cozy story is separated into short "chapters" to build confidence. A solid pick for early readers that feature friends we can visit again and again is always worth adding to a collection. (5 and up)

And speaking of treasured finds, I came across this 70's throwback featuring Rita Moreno trying to keep up with Morgan Freeman's unadulterated grooviness on PBS's Electric Company (one of my favorite show as a kid, big surprise!). "Easy reader, that's my name, unh, unh, unh!" Heavens to Betsy, that's catchy! See if you can listen in and not find yourself humming it later. "Gus got gas and the guy got gum. We saw a big gymnasium." Outasight!

On a personal note:
A big thank you to Kari and friends at North Central College for arranging an exceptionally lovely evening with future teachers. I was truly impressed by the spirit and excellence of the school and the program! Apples all around!

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Dori Chaconas said...

Thanks, Esme, for including my book CORK AND FUZZ: THE COLLECTORS! I'm honored!

Dori Chaconas

Andrea Beaty said...

Oh how I LOVE the Electric Company. Sometimes, I break into song, "I'm in love. I'm in love with a giant!"

One of the best shows ever! And it is now available on DVD!

(I also love Cork and Fuzz! Dori Chaconas rocks!)

Andrea Beaty

Brenda Ferber said...

Electric Company was my favorite, too! Thanks for this cool clip!!

Kyra Teis said...

Groovy Girl -

You are a sister after my own heart! Can I tell you how much I loved Electric Company?? I have got to get the DVD that Andrea mentioned.

And speaking of throwbacks that never get old, let's talk Free to Be You and Me. When that spins in my house, my daughter sees her mama get down (actually, most of the time she politely asks me to "stop singing and let the people on the CD do their job.")

Laura said...

LOL at the Easy Reader video clip. I think I just might start singing the song in my classroom (when I get one)!


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