Friday, February 15, 2008


THE HOUND FROM THE POUND by Jessica Swaim, illustrated by Jill McElmurry (Candlewick)
Let's celebrate Valentine's Day with a little puppy love! Lonely Miss Mary Lynn MacIntosh is irresistibly drawn to the bad boy of the bunch at the pound: a basset with no obedience training, but enough of a leader of the pack to have every other canine follow him to his new home. Overwhelmed with paw prints and puddles, Sam the Trainer comes to Mary Lynn's rescue, and while the old dogs learn new tricks, the affection between the couple grows by leaps and bow-wownds. The affair culminates in a marvelous wedding with Mary Lynn in a poodle-inspired gown, and a basset as best man.

Pictures books in verse can be cloying, but the meter is this book is so tight and the lines so witty, and with a joyful refrain, it's a good example of what a rhyming book should be. Double-page spreads have lots to look at but are anchored by bold brush strokes and a brown-based palette, and care is given so that each canine has a personality. An earthy, true-to-life depiction of Not-So-Still Life with Dogs, young readers and listeners will love the chance to chime in with recognized breeds and to howl "AH-ROOoooooo!" with the best of 'em. This funny book is a real tail-wagger! (4 and up)

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Agatha said...

I just discovered your wonderful blog. I've bookmarked it and plan to visit often. I feel really strongly that reading is the key to opening up every child's mind. My kids and I live where English is only spoken by us (and the BBC worldservice) at home amongst ourselves. Even so, my kids are 'native' English speakers, mostly because I've been reading to them since they were born. (The seven-year-old has been reading to me, too, the last couple of years.) Their world is full of all kinds of ideas and knowledge that I could never have shared with them without a lot of really great children's books. Your site will help me find even more books to share with them, Thank you.


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