Friday, August 25, 2006


ALL FOR PIE, PIE FOR ALL by David Martin, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev (Candlewick)
When Grandma Cat bakes an apple pie, it's not only the cat family that gets a piece of the action! This simple and charming reverse-Little-Red-Hen shows how much work can be done and how many can share in the fun when everyone pitches in and works together. I am always looking for good apple-themed stories to tie into my Johnny Appleseed Anniversary
celebration in September, and this one is definitely going on the menu. (3 and up)

A few posts back, we celebrated the work of Ard Hoyt, but ALL FOR PIE reminded me that Valerie Gorbachev is also a quiet riot, deserving of a moment in the spotlight. Gorbachev's style is a hybrid of Richard Scarry and Arnold Lobel; check out his newest, HERON & TURTLE (4 and up), gentle, friendly vignettes featuring enthusiastic animal neighbors and see if you don't agree! Gorbachev has quipped, "the basic thing for an illustrator is to create a cozy, truthful world for the characters." Don't we wish we could live in his books?

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. I am a senior focusing in Elementary Education and I plan on going for my masters in Library Science. A friend of mine took a course where she was to read your diary of the first year. I borrowed it from her and couldn't put it down. It was amazing. So many great ideas and you are so blunt. I hope I have as much courage and dedication as you did/do. Thank you.


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