Monday, July 10, 2006


THE SECRET KEEPER by Kate Coombs, Heather M. Solomon (Atheneum)
Kalli is the secret-keeper of Maldinga. Each time a townsperson shares one of their shameful little confessions, a trinket unique to that secret appears in the palm of Kalli's hand, which she then stores in one of the many tiny drawers that line her cottage walls. When winter comes, though, Kalli falls ill, and the townspeople despair at the thought of losing her. Does the village potter have the secret that will get her out of bed? A poignant message about the weight and relief we impose upon one another by what we choose to share is at the heart of this story. Great for sharing with older children, reading this imaginative folktale is like watching a series of magic tricks. Don’t keep this one a secret. (7 and up)

Also of interest:
If you like this book, you will also enjoy The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau, illustrated by Gail De Marcken (Scholastic), a sumptuously illustrated parable in which a quiltmaker designs a beautiful blanky to cover a greedy king's behind. (6 and up)

Please share your favorite picture books that you've found to be good with older children in the comments section!

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Janet Saczawa said...

I have used Patrol by Walter Dean Myers successfully with my upper elementary students (4th and 5th graders). We read the book and discuss what the soldiers in Vietnam went through, comparing it to the situation soldiers in Iraq are facing. It seems to have quite an impact, more so than the images they see on television. It's more personal.

Tessa said...

I would check out THE RED TREE by Shaun Tan, as well as HALLOWE'EN CIRCUS by Chris Neugebauer and Robert Ingpen, which are both brilliantly illustrated, RED TREE being about childhood depression (In a roundabout way) and HALLOWEEN CIRCUS being about a Halloween party at a graveyard. Beautifully scary and haunting illustrations are sure to delight!

An older book (first published 1992 I think) is THE WOLF by Margret Barbalett and illustrated by Jane Tanner. The illustrations are so real they make you feel like you are part of the story.

Hope you enjoy!
Tessa xo
(Vive la Tim Tams!)

Anonymous said...

I love Miss Rumphius, The Library and The Garden.
I am reading The Giants and the Joneses to my children now and am enjoying it.
I am also reading The Tale of Desperauex to my 4 children.

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and each day check it out.
WE love The Quiltmaker's Gift (one of our favorite books).


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